San Diego Limo Bus Rental Services 15 Passenger

San Diego Limo Bus Rental Services 15 Passenger

San Diego Limo Bus Rental Services 15 Passenger


If you are in the market for the San Diego Limo Bus Rental Services 15 Passenger party bus or shuttle bus then we may have the perfect vehicle for you. Our 15 passenger shuttles, 15 passenger party buses and 15 passenger party buses are super comfortable and make any occassion one to remember. If a movie looks cooler in slow motion the a party bus is like throwing an event in slow motion. When you consider the many pro’s of a party bus you will find that it out-ways the cost of taking a personal vehicle tenfold. Enjoy a night out without the worry of DWI’s and party all night with your friends. Visit a brewery or viniard wine tour without the stress of driving home. No parking to worry about downtown! We all hate trying to find parking in the gas lamp area. With a party bus you can avoid that entirely and get dropped off at the location of your choice! Need I say more!? Our buses also come ADA accessible and with all kinds of upgrades so anyone can enjoy the comfort of a 15 passenger party bus.

15 passenger party bus amenities and features

Are 15 passenger party bus Amenities and features varry widely and depend on your budget as well as needs.  Many of our party buses come with air conditioning, stripper pole, Bluetooth, AUX cable and other options to plug in your iPhone or android. Listen to your music on a custom sound system in your 15 passenger party  bus and let your friends choose the tunes. Leather interior and a dance floor as well as tinted windows and other options and features are available.  If you’re bringing drinks there is a bar on board as well as cooler to store the alchohol while your party continues elsewhere! Book a 15 passenger party bus today For discount price!

15 passenger party bus discounts San Diego

We could all use some 15 passenger party bus discounts San Diego. The cost of living in San Diego is rising and so isn’t the cost of everything else! Except our 20 passenger buses! We go out of our way to find you the best prices on any party bus including 15 passenger shuttles and 15 passenger charters or limousine rides. You don’t need a groupon or coupon for party buses when you work with our brokerage company. We will find you unbeatable prices on any vehicle! 15 passenger party bus senior discounts, 15 passenger veteran shuttle bus discounts or military discounts. So many options to choose from and deals on small party buses to chose from. We also have discounts on transportation and tickets to the club of your choice in downtown San Diego. Give us a call to be outback on a guest list and treated like royalty. VIP access free entry and no line to any club!

Services offered for 15 passenger party buses

we have put together a long list of services offered for 15 passenger party busses that we think you’ll be satisfied with. Everything from quincenerra’s to bachelor party’s. Don’t hesitate to call about any services we offer or didn’t mention in the list below!


Other 15 passenger vehicle rentals

Is a bus maybe more than you bargained for or are you looking for another ride that’s holds the same amount of passengers only with a bit more class? Check out some of our 15 passenger limousine options.





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